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Dear Pastene Company,
Here it is 7:45am on a Friday morning, I am starting a sauce in my slow cooker and I  had the urge to write you and say thank you, thank you for the many memories over the years I shared with my mom in the kitchen. I am now 55 years old and everytime I open up a can of Pastene Kitchen Ready Tomatoes and smell that aroma I have the fondest memories of being with her growing up and being so excited of what was to come for dinner. She was a GREAT cook and only used the freshest ingredients and Pastene was one of them. I miss my Mom and you bring her back home to me everytime.

Thank you,

Janice G. Hanscom
Alton, NH 03809

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Winter 2012 Sale

Kitchen ReadyKitchen Ready Tomatoes, Fresh Packed, Never From Concentrate!

Many canned tomatoes are packed in a process where water is added to bulk tomato concentrate (a.k.a. remanufactured tomatoes). On their ingredient labels you will see “water” and “concentrate" listed. Our “Kitchen Ready®” tomatoes are always fresh packed from vine-ripened tomatoes, canned as soon as the ripe tomatoes come in from the field. This fresh-pack method results in the best, most flavorful canned tomatoes available. For over 50 years, Pastene “Kitchen Ready®” tomatoes represent the highest quality in canned tomatoes.

We are committed to keeping Pastene “Kitchen Ready” tomatoes the quality leader. Thank you for using our product!


Imported San Marzno Tomatos, they need the D.O.P. on the label to be authentic.


Product of ItalyPastene imports authentic Italian fresh packed San Marzano Tomatoes. These tomatoes are grown in an area near Salerno, long known for having the most flavorful tomatoes. The production of this traditional product is limited by law. Each can carries a seal of authenticity, and is individually numbered. They are packed in natural tomato juices. The color is deep red, and the flavor is sweet. These are the traditional choice of Italian cooks for generations.
For More Info Click HereMore Info on San Marzano


Real Simple Magazine named our Chunky Kitchen Ready the best in Crished or Ground Tomatoes category



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